Digital Garden

February 1, 2014
twin hat
Twin Hat
December 5, 2014



digital garden

located in the royal docks of london, the project aims to reuse the water of the disused dock and reinvent the lost spectacle of the pleasure garden. with one of its past exhibits being a japanese garden, the cherry blossom tree is chosen as a subject. utilising the water from the dock, mechanical devices and digital technology along the banks project holographic cherry blossoms onto mist. holographic tree grows and undergo seasonal changes in a fascinating choreography on a grand scale transforming the disused dock into a live event spectacle. each cherry blossom has a life cycle of 6 hours. taking a different forms when viewed at different points, conveying mysterical quality, especially when the trees seem to magically disappear and reappear. the movement of the lights and mechanism can be controlled to the millimeter to create a subtle choreography.


advisors: max dewdney, chee kit lai

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