Air Craft

Digital Garden
November 12, 2015
Infinite Loop
November 30, 2016



air craft at hermès boutiques

'air-craft' is a window art display that celebrates the beauty of hermes craftsmanship through the smoothness of geometry. inspired by the frozen dynamism of eadweard muybridge's motion photography, we wished to present an elegant sequence of physical transformations that engage the walking rhythms of air travellers. the array of fins generate an animated visual effect as one walks along the window display, experiencing it from different viewpoints.

‘air-craft’ breaks the convention that uses mannequins to display clothings. instead, we used aerodynamic curves and careful curation of lightings to portray body figures. the form is generated from advanced digital modeling techniques. using algorithmic modelling with grasshopper, moving human figures were analyzed and their profile curves were generated. each pvc fin was then unfolded digitally for fabrication, with labels automatically added, thus greatly simplifying fabrication.


work experience: laab
scope of work: project lead (guam), project lead (tokyo), participant (taiwan)

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