People’s Playscape

Sweat Building
April 5, 2015
Digital Garden
November 12, 2015



people's playscape: space as a didactic tool

the ymca is an institution that boasts a lineage of both education and play. however, the ymca has kept these two entities separate: education and play programs are typically segregated within the typology. this project seeks to merge these two elements. in doing so, the project reconfigures the y to function as an educational playscape - it seeks to teach, through architecture.

the building consist of 4 layers of different landscapes, which are consolidated in one building. open spaces create an experience of continuity and give users the freedom to move in any direction. at the same time, each floor plate functions as a modulated ground datum, to create distinct spatial experiences on each level of the building. low extrusion and soft modulation form different spaces, creating a subtle boundary to separate different program without creating physical barriers.

abstract language is used suggest multiple interpretation that enable flexible and diverse usage. the organic nature of the shapes suggests artistic freedom, rejecting concretization and the notion of standard typology. in brief, the landscape is open to all purposes. users must invent spatial uses through play, which then generate moments of learning through and from the building. these abstract shape become the alphabet of the building, which offer a didactic role and presence within the structure.


advisor: rosalyne shieh

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