Sweat Building

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December 1, 2014
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People’s Playscape
July 12, 2015



sweat building

'sweat building' is a samba dancing school proposal in response to the complex samba carnival parade circulation and site condition defined by adjacent highways. the project aims to celebrate the liveliness of carnival by intertwining a series of complex circulation paths with public access routes. the building protrudes alongside the road, with a cantilevering ramp over a highway, to invite pedestrians coming from different directions, transforming the building into an extension of the annual parade circulation.

program units are aggregated to form a continuous path that supports and amplifies the main performance space. mist systems weave through the ramps, cooling down the sweating dancers inside the building during the hot weather. with the samba school, architecture is alive, resounding with dancing activities in the heat of sweat.


advisors: max dewdney, chee kit lai

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