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February 12, 2014
twin hat
Twin Hat
July 22, 2014




the idea of a screenless future, where digital data and online content is integrated into every part of the built environment has captured the imagination of people, as portrayed in sci-fi movies. for decades, digital displays require complex manufacturing process: they are pre-designed and come in a fixed size frame which limits where digital information can be displaced.

developed at the imperial college of london, technichrome overcomes this and provides a radically new way to apply digital displays on almost any surface. using a combination of pixel paints made from smart materials, users can create displays onto walls, furniture, or other surface they can think of. this disrupts the way we present digital information by opening up any surfaces to potentially become an active display for information. the displays can be painted in any shape, inviting more creative and novel configurations,which is difficult to achieve using current display technologies. with technichrome, digital information will no longer constrained by rigid rectangular frames, enhancing our experience in the analog world.


advisors: savina torrisi, aran dasan, billy wu, aksat shah, hideki yoshimoto

special thanks: flora weil, yvonne hung, niki goransson, joe muller, pierre azlbrt

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