Data Carving

twin hat
Twin Hat
July 22, 2014
Test Bed
December 1, 2014



data carving

the project starts from the research question "what if the two extreme, traditional craftsmanship and digital modelling, are merged for future software development?". we currently live in a time that design and fabrication processes are changed by computational technology. however, very few cad have been develop to support 3d concept generation in the design stage. therefore, i would like to take this opportunity to reintroduce physical craftmanship in digital making.

the project developed an augmented reality device that allows traditional ceramic designer to take full advantage of computational technology. by collecting data from the physical clay using 3d scanning, digital information such as stress load colour map and exact dimensions can be generated by computers. the results will then project back onto the physical clay. this informs the ceramist of the stress loads of particular points in the clay. the proposed technology helps ceramists design more freely by shaping real clay, allowing them to achieve more ambitious forms.


advisor: aran dasan
ceramist: ian thompson


special thanks

coder: ken fujiyoshi, joe muller, davor petricio heredia

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